Philipp Becker Area

Selected goldsmiths and jewellery designers at the dedicated “Philipp Becker Area” look forward to unveiling their latest trends and creations.


Labels 2019

Philipp Becker by Wilshaus
Friedrich Wilshaus works hand in hand with nature. He reads the rough stones offered up by nature, he studies their intrinsic features and incorporates them in his cuts. He emphasises them through reflections, he fills them with life and accentuates their beauty. This approach goes against the concept of classic cuts which primarily aim for purity, leaving no room for interesting inclusions.

“A piece of jewellery is above all a concept, an idea. When such a concept subordinates itself to the material, it is filled with its soul. When precious metals, gemstones and unconventional materials come together, they give rise to unique pieces that allow beauty to be worn – this has been the incentive and aspiration for my creative work for the past 50 years.” Michael Zobel

Esther Ackermann
My inspiration is to lend stones a new shape and to transform them into jewellery. It’s the idea of creating something truly special. Creating a piece of jewellery is like going on a journey of discovery, which begins with a thought and continues to change shape and evolve until you arrive at the destination, the finished piece. It’s important to me that the interaction between metal and stone results in a coherent composition, creating an aesthetically pleasing whole.

Goldschmiede Kämereit
In my daily work, I focus my mind on several different areas. For inova collection, the following are of interest:
1.) Simple design, puristic compositions and straightforward workmanship bring out the best in beautiful natural stones.
2.) Repetition of the same element creates an aura of mystery that forces the eye to look again. Fascination and a sense of playfulness accentuate the unique character of the jewellery. The idea determines the design, whilst the material with its seemingly random structure determines the character of the piece. This fills it with life and magic.
3.) An idea is performed in different variations, like in the series of rings with stones sitting to the sides. This idea of offsetting the stone enhances comfort because the stones do not protrude too far above the band. In addition, a sense of humour shines through, for example, in the “Ice Cube Cocktail Ring” or the “Heart in the Right Place” engagement or Valentine’s ring.

Goldschmiede Simons
Shaping by hand delicate gold bands into flowing, sweeping and sculpted chains is one of Goldschmiede Simons’ specialities. Based in Wegberg, master goldsmith and jewellery designer Roland Simons has been creating unique jewellery chains and rings with master goldsmith Margitta Oltze since 1999. They are available at selected galleries, goldsmiths and jewellery shops. Made in small numbers, each of these chains is a special piece.

Freshly wrapped – everything here revolves around embroidery, darning, weaving and wrapping.
The collection grew from an idea to combine precious metals with organic materials. What began as an experiment has developed into a mature collection which is forever evolving. At the heart of these pieces is a method – PAGT – that permanently and extensively joins otherwise unruly metals such as platinum and silver, resulting in avantgarde, simple and mysteriously reduced pieces of jewellery.

Tanja Friedrichs Schmuck
Established in 2005, the Duisburg-based studio belonging to Tanja Friedrichs creates fine, delicate pieces as well as expressive, voluminous jewellery almost exclusively from beaded wire, a decorative and historical material which is made specifically for the collection in yellow, rose and palladium white gold and silver. Created by hand with playful ease, these sparkling pieces are characterised by clarity in design and are pleasing to the touch.
At INOVA COLLECTION 2019, the designer is showing fine new rings with matching earrings, including a new version of the popular classic “Fly” with tiny brilliants as well as the rings “9 o‘clock” and “Libri Solitär” made from yellow, rose and palladium white gold. These pieces will be joined by innovations from the CLOUD collection in silver.

Thomas Knauf Design
Thomas Knauf Design’s core business focuses on the single item production of jewellery for goldsmiths, jewellers and jewellery designers. Design development, CAD design, production of wax models, CNC production, laser engravings and product photography create a rounded portfolio which provides customers with a full range of services.