INOVA COLLECTION is in a great location

INOVA COLLECTION is in a great location

Why should trade buyers visit the INOVA COLLECTION?
“The later dates in August are perfect for trade buyers as they enable them to test the waters with new collections or to jazz up existing collections with new products in time for the autumn season. It’s not enough to throw in a couple of new ideas at the end of October. Consumers need a fair amount of time to become aware of new models and collections in shop windows and thus to be incentivised to buy.”

What makes a visit to the fair a worthwhile undertaking?
“We’ll be exhibiting some up-to-the-minute designer ranges – and we think our well-known co-exhibitors will be doing the same. The price segments on show account for the core business of 80% of jewellers.”

What are you offering our trade visitors? Any special deals?
“All of our collections feature innovations that are also available ex warehouse. We have special terms and conditions specifically for the trade fair, along with promotions and special prices for improved margins.”

Why is INOVA COLLECTION an important platform for the jewellery trade?
“There’s no longer a comprehensive autumn event covering the south and west of Germany. It would be great if INOVA COLLECTION were to take on this role.”

Why do we need an autumn event? How significant is it for you?
“August to November are the most crucial months for our company. For the specialist trade, they’re the foundation for December which, in business terms, is still of huge importance.”

Andreas Filius | Managing Director Filius Zeitdesign