INOVA COLLECTION is the new hub

INOVA COLLECTION is the new hub

Why is it worth visiting the new platform for jewellery, timepieces and accessories…?

“INOVA COLLECTION is the new hub for the next autumn/winter season. Our customers will be able to explore this event, which is a manageable size and has a pleasant atmosphere, and they’ll be able to place their orders in a stress-free environment. I have to say that, compared to other fairs, the lower cost of accommodation is also very appealing.”

What are you offering our trade visitors? Any special deals?

“Rolf Cremer is offering its customers a unique collection featuring innovations for the autumn/winter season 2018/2019. Besides the “His and Hers” self-winding watch, we’re ringing in the next season with a new series of fabric straps in bold autumnal tones.”

Rolf Cremer | Company Katharina Cremer