Open conversation and new concepts are essential

Open conversation and new concepts are essential

What, in your view, is the most important aspect of INOVA COLLECTION? What are your expectations of the fair?

“We want to meet visitors who are open to new ideas and embrace interesting approaches to the challenges of the future, such as our ecological and sustainable watches by Jacques Farel hayfield.”

Why should trade buyers visit INOVA COLLECTION?

“These days, an open and frank conversation and a search for new concepts are essential in shaping the future. The fair will be an exciting hub for medium-sized suppliers and pioneering specialist customers.”

What makes a visit to the fair a worthwhile undertaking?

“This is where the specialist and independent retailers get to meet small and medium-sized suppliers, which is certainly a recipe for fair approach to business. SMEs are often committed to the retail trade and tend not to think in strategic global dimensions nor regard the specialist trade as an indispensable distribution channel.”

What are you offering our trade visitors? Any special deals?

“Ecological and sustainable watches and basic watches and alarm clocks with interesting margins.”

Why do we need an autumn event? How significant is it for you?

“The dates are of secondary importance to us. Whereas an autumn date used to be key to preparing for the Christmas period, these days it’s just a myth. Improved warehousing by medium-sized suppliers and rapid logistics systems go a long way to preventing delivery bottlenecks towards the end of the year. For us, it’s more important to have a date in the diary in this strong commercial region, whose proximity and local flair enable trade buyers to check out new ideas for a successful future, without having to go to any great lengths.”

Thomas Kalb | Managing Director Kurt-Eberhard Kalb KG